How to motivate your employees to foster a sense of community?

by Jody Ordioni

How to motivate your employees to foster a sense of community?

Acknowledging the fact that there are still many years ahead of you, performing the same job and the same routine, can create an overwhelming feeling. It is difficult to feel passionate about the work you do when it is repeated in the same cycle, every day. Lack of motivation within employees can lead to dangerous consequences, such as burnout, a decline in productivity, and resignation. It is important to build an environment in the workplace that motivates employees to achieve their targets and complete their agendas. Employees should feel motivated to step into the office on Monday mornings.

Know your employees on a personal level

While it is important to keep the professional life away from the personal, there are certain benefits to getting acquainted with what your employee does outside of work. By paying attention to what your employees do outside of the office, you can gain some important insight into their thought process. Perhaps their expertise in the technical field or knowledge of multiple languages can be useful. Paying close attention to their interests can help improve the quality of life and take care of issues at work.

Engage your team in new tasks

When you are hiring an employee in your company, it is a given that you’d assess them for skills relevant to the job profile. However, you should also look towards providing them with opportunities that make use of any additional skills they might possess. Through such an engagement, employees feel valued within the company. In addition, employees should constantly receive opportunities for learning and training. If their growth is steady, they will not find it difficult to transition to new roles and take on more responsibilities, along with their jobs.

Promote the importance of good mental health

Employees are human beings too, and the stress of balancing their personal and professional life might be overwhelming. You cannot know what is troubling your employees unless the environment of the company allows them to openly discuss what bugs them. There are various steps that leaders can take to ensure that the workplace is conducive to employees voicing their concerns. It can be as simple as sitting down with individual employees and listening to their concerns. Or you can even bring in certified counselors to psychologically aid your employees.

Team bonding exercises to foster connections between colleagues

Work should not feel burdensome to employees. If employees are happy doing their work, it does lead to an increase in productivity. One way to keep employees happy is to provide them with social companionship. Encouraging a sense of camaraderie within employees makes work more enjoyable. Special outings, team sports, birthday parties, and other such activities can be good ways to foster team bonding. Moreover, by participating in these activities, you can eliminate the preconceived barrier between the employee and employer. Employee retention relies heavily on the feeling of belongingness.

Recognize accomplishments of employees

The feeling of being recognized for a job done well is unparalleled. It also has the additional benefit of boosting an employee’s morale and interest in being more productive at work. Genuine appreciation for all the hard work employees put in, makes them feel valued. Whether you simply mention their contribution in a weekly meeting or send them a personalized congratulatory message, each employee feels appreciated through such gestures. The boost in confidence such gestures provide lends to an increase in general productivity. Moreover, it also encourages other employees to perform better in their respective jobs.

The bottom line

As the leader of the company, it is in your hands to bring change in the culture of your company. Employees should feel comfortable working with your company. It is only through a sense of belongingness that employees feel motivated. When they believe that they are contributing to something larger than themselves and this contribution is being acknowledged, employees prefer to stay with the company. Otherwise, employees today are spoilt for choice and do not hesitate to move towards better professional opportunities. Using the above-mentioned tips, you can make your employees feel valued, appreciated and heard. Motivating employees is the key to unlocking success for your company.

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