Artificial Intelligence: The Gamechanger in Empowering Managers and Building Engagement

by Jody Ordioni

Artificial Intelligence: The Gamechanger in Empowering Managers and Building Engagement

The world of work is witnessing tidal changes in business transformation made possible by the revolution in technology. Most notable is Artificial Intelligence (AI) which can be used to create new paradigms of collaboration and creativity. Here’s how it can be a positive impact on an important and often overlooked segment of your employee population- your managers. Manager engagement begins by ensuring that they feel empowered to lead, make independent decisions and shoulder responsibilities. And if employee engagement is considered an art, then AI can bring the brushstrokes to your canvas. 

AI-based technology can successfully perform routine tasks with greater efficiency and accuracy, and the use of intelligent bots or customizable virtual assistants can ensure that managers have more time for creative, innovative thinking that builds engagement and moral.

By removing mental distractions such as scheduling meetings, and using chatbots to provide answers to frequently asked questions, managers can be freed up to concentrate more on high-value, collaborative work that enhances the work-life of everyone involved. 

AI can also help manager engagement by enhancing the process of hiring and on-boarding. Through employing prescreening and assessment tools that evaluate candidates on the basis of their cognitive and emotional abilities, they can make efficient use of their time and remove demographic markers of race, class, and gender. This empowers them with the ability to diversify their teams and recruit robust talent with fresh perspectives. And if they are working with teams that reinforce their beliefs in the vision and mission of the company, they’ll be more engaged as well.  

Being an effective manager can be challenging and often overwhelming, regardless of the size of an organization. And while human resource leaders focus on empowering employees, they may often overlook the criticality of engaging and empowering the leaders who are leading these teams. Through utilizing Artificial Intelligence, managers can free up time spent on administrative, diversify the teams, optimize candidate selection and on-boarding, and help talented employees grow into new roles that advance their careers. They will feel empowered and engaged and pass on the same motivation to their team members, driving stronger business results.  

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