How to Build Employee Engagement Meaningfully?

by Jody Ordioni

How to Build Employee Engagement Meaningfully?

Today, buzzwords such as 'culture' and 'engagement' are thrown around incessantly, without any gravity attached to them. Leaders and employees alike simply brush off these important concepts. One has to ensure that the efforts of the company are in the right direction and increase the connection of the staff with the company. Any strategy has to go beyond a designated, feel-good e-mail, that is deleted even before being read, or the laminated signs that contain overused, cliché quotes. Here are some strategies to enhance the engagement of employees by creating a better company culture for them:

Understanding What Employees Want

Multiple studies highlight the various factors that determine what employees want from the company. When used correctly, such lists are incredibly helpful in developing strategies to attract employees. The most common characteristics that pop-up in the studies are mission-driven cultures, being valued as employees, collaborative colleagues, competitiveness in compensation, dynamic perks and benefits, clear direction for future mapping, an opportunity for career growth, and transparency in the C-suite. Along with this, companies should also focus on providing a healthy balance between the personal and professional life of the employees.

Company Mission Fits Purpose of Employees

Mission-driven companies are a priority when potential candidates choose their place of work. The purpose of the company should align with each employees' personal purpose. One way to filter candidates in the interview process itself, can be to share the company's vision and mission. They can then self-select to opt-in or out. People who cannot align their views with the vision of the company are the exact people you do not want to hire since they will not benefit the company culture in any way, shape, or form.

Keep the Company Mission Alive

As experts in the industry would put it, culture is not a static entity. Company culture is transformed every day and is the product of choices people make each day. It is a living, breathing reality of the work environment, rather than simply being a guidebook. Thus, leaders need to listen to their employees to find solutions. The purpose of the company should be well-known amongst the employees, and it should be communicated at all levels. The leaders should embody this purpose and ensure its implementation at all levels.

Leaders that Walk the Talk

Our study, comprising of a survey of 34 million employee responses, has found that one of the greatest reasons for an employee to quit is the presence of an ineffective manager. Managers need to be held accountable for their teams and should increase their focus on encouraging employee engagement. Employees often look up to their managers and decide whether they wish to work in the company or not. Managers should establish good working relations with all their employees, meaning that they should conduct regular sessions with the employees to address their grievances, one-on-one.

Enlist Employees in Mapping Their Future

By including employees in the decision-making process, the company not only connects them to their purpose gain, but it also deepens their commitment to the company itself. To truly gauge the opinions of employees and make organizational changes, open channels of communication have to be established. This can only happen when there is trust between the employees and the leaders, leading to candid conversations. Honest conversations amongst the employees and employers can lead to better reforms that work for the benefit of the employees. It also enhances the company culture and makes it more responsive to the needs of the employees.

The Bottom Line

Unfortunately, there is no perfect roadmap to optimum employee engagement. Employee experience is unique to each individual and what might work for one can prove to be disastrous for the other. However, in the modern world, wherein there is a constant competition to win over talent, leaders cannot hope that a paycheck is enough to retain employees. For the modern employee, work is only a singular aspect of one's purpose. Managers need to find true meaning in work and connect the employees to it. The tips enlisted in the article are some steps to successful employee engagement.

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