How to Humanize Your Workplace?

by Jody Ordioni

How to Humanize Your Workplace?

Most of the people dread going to work because often it feels like a drag. A healthy and energized workplace can change our perspective on office hours completely. Beyond the paycheck, employees are people first who cannot work in soulless organizations. Teams that are connected by more than profits and reports are better inclined to engage and retain their employees. Here are some tips to make your workplace a better place:

Take a Moment to Make Your Correspondence Warm

It might not matter much to you but warmly greeting your coworkers goes a long way in making the workplace more friendly. Asking your coworkers about their day and making sure to chat with them for a few minutes contributes to building interpersonal relationships. Similarly, official correspondence does not strictly need to be formal. You can always add a short line or thank someone for adding a human touch to work correspondence. Vendors should also be acknowledged since they are an integral part of the office ecosystem. Everyone is a person first and an employee afterward.

Look Out for Colleagues

Take time to check up on your colleagues whenever they are down or mojo deficient. If your teammates are overwhelmed, then it can impact the mood of the whole team. While working as a team, it is important to acknowledge the voice and ideas of everyone, so that no one feels like an outsider. If there is something wrong within the team or there is something sticky to share with the boss, it is best to strategize the information. Ensure that it is to the point but also compassionate to consider any difficulty your colleague might be facing.

Brainstorming Ideas

Try to organize sessions during lunchtimes where everyone can share information on topics they are passionate about. It doesn't necessarily have to be related to work. Having lunch together and sharing thoughts on the latest movies, books, sports, etc. can be a good exercise to build a culture of trust and friendship.

Building Communities

Employees should get every opportunity to be part of a community that values open communication. Treat every training session as a chance to further the goal of building a workplace community. Companies that build trustworthy platforms always fare better than those which lack interpersonal communication.

The agenda of building a community in the workplace does not tether on a particular activity or training session. Every instance of employee interaction is an exercise in team-building itself. Whether virtually or in-person, team meetings are the perfect platform to humanize your workplace. Thus, it is important to include informal interaction time within workplace meetings.

Addressing Conflicts

One of the most difficult tasks to handle in the office is the resolution of conflicts. It challenges you to step out of your comfort zones. However, before you march to HR, take a deep breath, and assess the best course of action.

Before firing off that angry e-mail, ask yourself, whether there is any gap in communication that is causing a problem. Most importantly, when confronting your colleague in person, do not cause commotion unless there is a justifiable reason for the act. Be gentle but firm in your approach, at first.

Engage More Meaningfully

Working does not mean that you have to be unhappy throughout the office hours. Try to engage in a more meaningful manner with your work by finding out what saps your energy and what refuels it. Pat yourself on the back for your triumphs and goals, even if they are not acknowledged widely.

Growth can only happen if you seek to grow. Every day is a day to be passionate about the work you do. You will soon find out that your happiness is also dependent on the morale of your colleagues and to this end, always ask yourself how you may help them to grow. By working together, you can humanize your workplace.

The Bottom Line

Many companies are stuck in a mechanical frame of doing things; they are not building cultures. As an employee, you can lead the way to change and humanize your workplace. Taking charge of your careers and making the workplace better for everyone is the need of the hour. You can drive the change in your company.

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