How to Measure Productivity and Performance During Remote Work

by Jody Ordioni

How to Measure Productivity and Performance During Remote Work

Do you feel that your HR department has not been able to keep up with the changing trends in the job market? KPIs have, for a long time, been a sure method of keeping a check on individual and organizational performance. However, a significant portion of the KPIs in use has become obsolete in the past year or so. This is why it is becoming increasingly difficult for HR to keep up with how the employees are truly performing in their roles. The challenge is refiguring these indicators and adapting them to current needs.

Analyzing performance has become increasingly important in the world or virtual workspaces. Since in-person review sessions are not possible, HR can depend on analytics to assess the performance of the individual employee. The right data can help improve the performance of top talent by 25%, as per our study, ultimately benefitting the company. Here are some tips that will help you adjust better to the new work environment:


This parameter gauges the ability of an employee to work independently and accomplish the tasks allotted to them within the given deadlines. Self-discipline can be used as a quantifier to measure the productivity levels of the employees. It goes without saying that tasks that could not be finished due to external factors should be excluded from the assessment.

The task to be accomplished can be as simple as updating a report and go all the way to presenting a report to a client. However, within the virtual environment, where the personal and professional life is becoming harder to separate, you might want to be flexible on this parameter. Self-discipline will help in identifying employees who are unable to cope up with the set goals and targets.

Effective Communication

Clear and concise communication skills are an underrated KPI. If an employee does not communicate clearly with their co-workers, vendors, or clients, someone else might have to deal with the fallout. Though it can be a highly personal indicator, it is possible to set a standard measure considering the roles and responsibilities of the employees.

Communication should be clear, concise, and free of errors. If an employee is conducting a meeting, they should outline the agenda in advance. If they are in communication with a client or vendor, they should promptly reply to any queries. Standard protocols like these would help to measure the performance and productivity of the employees.

Assessment from Colleagues

Anonymous assessment or ratings from colleagues can also help locate the performance and productivity of the employees in the virtual environment. Based on cooperation within the team and synchronization across teams, you can gain an insight into the performance of individual employees.

It goes without saying that for such an evaluation to be fruitful, you must first redefine the parameters surrounding the availability and remote work. A definite understanding between the employees regarding the expectations of the company will lead to a fair assessment.

Focusing on the Feedback

Once you have the necessary data regarding the KPIs, how do you ensure that productivity increases in the company? Leaders and managers need to take the extra step and ensure that employees who are struggling are provided with adequate resources to overcome their problems. Feedback is one way of ensuring that you are cognizant of the needs of the employees. However, the challenge lies in providing feedback in a timely manner, so that it is impactful.

Annual reviews are losing favor because they do not provide real-time feedback that can positively impact the performance of the employees. The past year has highlighted the need for a system that allows for real-time conversations. Consider checking-in with employees on a weekly basis. The weekly sessions should not be conducted for posterity's sake but rather managers should focus on providing useful feedback to the employees and coaching them to better their performance.

The Bottom Line

Tracking KPIs and the changing trends can be useful in identifying employees who are not performing at par with the company standards. Using predictive models to identify the productivity levels in the company can help to red flag the employees who are struggling. With proper feedback and coaching, you can convert these employees into better performers.

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