Methods to Improve Employee Performance

by Jody Ordioni

Methods to Improve Employee Performance

Improving the performance of the employees is the ultimate goal of all employers. While traditional ways such as setting goals and offering incentives are trusted methods, there are also more creative methods of increasing productivity. Here are some options that have shown to be effective:

Introduce Lighting in Workspace

Workspaces that are dimly lit do not make for productive spaces. They can result in employees feeling lethargic and slow down productivity. A flow of natural light into the workspace is great, and desks next to windows help to increase productivity. If having natural light is not possible, ensure that enough artificial lighting is present. Supplement the employees with table lamps if the ceiling lights are not enough. Make sure to replace burned out bulbs as soon as possible.

Reduce Unnecessary Noise

Unnecessary noise is a distraction to anyone and everyone. In an office space, employees can struggle to be productive and meet their daily goals if there is a cacophony of noises. Noise becomes especially disturbing in an open office space. The constant sound of computers and chatter can distract anyone. If employees find it hard to concentrate due to the floor design of the office, perhaps it is time to reconsider it. Making use of partitions to break up the sound is a good measure as is encouraging the use of headphones so that others are not disturbed by those who like listening to music while working or are engaged in conference calls.

Indulge in Greenery

Workplaces usually make use of dull colors for the walls and floors, thereby making the place dreary and stuffy. Indulging in plant life not only makes the place look better, but it also has a positive effect on the employees. The overall impact of greenery on the workplace is great. Moreover, many plants are low-maintenance and do not require constant sunlight or water. Greenery can help to increase productivity in the office.

Take Some Time Out to Have Fun

Can you improve productivity by hindering people from being productive? While it may sound counterproductive, studies have shown that it works. Working for long hours without any breaks can lead to a dip in motivation. Introducing some fun in the office can be a good way to reinvigorate everyone. You don't need to plan elaborate activities, even a simple five-minute fun activity like a quiz trivia can break the monotony of the office. To increase productivity, this also leads to better team bonding and employee retention.

Free Perks

Offering perks now and again to employees can boost their morale. It helps to distinguish your company from the competition, and the employees feel better when they are appreciated. A simple gesture like offering free coffee can perk up the mood of your employees instantly. Free perks also motivate the employees to work harder as they would wish to put in more effort for a company that cares about them.

Desk Individuality

There are different triggers for different people; what some people find distracting can be useful to someone's productivity. For example, a stress ball might distract someone, but others might relieve their anxiety through it. Thus, it is a good idea to provide individual employees' the freedom to personalize their desks by putting up photographs, gadgets, and using their personal stationery. A drab office life can become boring very quickly. Therefore, allowing employees to have their personal space can motivate them to work harder, and it is also effective in increasing productivity.

Be Attentive to the Needs of Employees

Leaders should focus on being attentive to their employees. Simple gestures such as asking them how they are doing or thanking them for their work, will create an impact. Do not let employees feel undervalued. By keeping your employees happy, you can encourage them to be productive.

The Bottom Line

While working for a fixed salary is expected of the employee, each company wants them to deliver above and beyond. However, most companies are not willing to do the same for their employees. People want their jobs to be enjoyable rather than suffer from nine to five. Making the work environment better for the employees can increase their productivity and will be a big win for the company.

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