Tracking and Evaluating the Performance of Employees

by Jody Ordioni

Tracking and Evaluating the Performance of Employees

Running a company implies that you have to constantly track and evaluate how your employees are performing. This evaluation will help you understand where your employees are struggling and how companies can allocate resources to help employees overcome these difficulties. Tracking and evaluating the performance is more about providing them quality feedback that facilitates their professional growth.

It can be tricky when evaluating the performance of your employees, especially when they perform a variety of functions. Here are some parameters that might help in tracking and evaluating the performance of employees:

Quality of Accomplished Tasks

Consider the work that has been accomplished by the employees in the period under evaluation. Does the work done meet the expectations set for them? Does the quality of the work match the industry standards? You should also consider the feedback their work has received from clients and other team members. It will provide an insight into the performance of the employee and determine whether their work passes the standard the company has set for them.

Level of Execution

It is not only sufficient to accomplish a task, but the method of working should also be evaluated. Ideally, employees should provide their creative input into whatever task they are given. They should be able to meet the given deadlines and co-operate with their colleagues. If given a project individually, they should be able to manage their time well and should be able to handle the stress properly.

Trajectory of Progress

Previous evaluations should also be taken into consideration while tracking the performance of the employees. Stagnant performances can imply that employees are struggling with their given roles and responsibilities. The leaders and managers should take note of it and make resources available to facilitate the progress of the employees. It is not unreasonable to expect a growth from the employees between any two evaluations.

Willingness to Adapt

For the continuous growth of the employee, it is imperative that they are open to change and adapt according to circumstances. Refer to past evaluations and the suggestions made to employees then. You'd learn whether they are willing to adapt if they have changed their working methods according to the remarks given in past evaluations. Employees should be open to making necessary adjustments to meet their goals and improve their performance in the company.

Shouldering Responsibilities

Another parameter to be kept in mind during evaluation is whether employees are taking initiative while working. Meeting deadlines and target goals is important, but they should also try to display an eagerness to work on new projects or take the lead on a project.

Communication is Key

As important it is for companies to clearly communicate their vision and mission to the employees, it is equally necessary that employees can convey their thoughts well. Not only should they be able to properly communicate with their colleagues but should also take feedback well. The ability to hear and speak effectively is important for an employee's performance in the company.

Attention to Planning and Organization

Before embarking on any new project employees should organize their thoughts and plan for it accordingly. However, on a day-to-day basis, the employees should know how to prioritize the different objectives in their schedule. Time management is a necessary skill that distinguishes stellar performers from others. Therefore, evaluation of performance should also consider how the employees are meeting their target goals.

You can track how your employees are faring through numerous ways, these days. There are specific software, checklists, and forms that will track and evaluate the performance of each employee in the company. Though one-on-one reviews with the employees might be an annual or bi-annual event, evaluation must be a continuous process so that you gain an idea of the progress employees are making constantly.

The Bottom Line

It is also beneficial for the employees as they get a chance to express their workplace struggles and receive tools to overcome the problems. Evaluation is a two-way street, where you don't only gain insight into the performance of the employees but also provide you with feedback that helps to shape the policies and practices of the company.

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