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The past year can be summed up in one word: DISRUPTION. Seemingly overnight, the way we work and live was upended, and we are still sorting out what it all means today and for the future. The reality we must face is that disruption isn’t going anywhere. Fortunately, humans have a natural capacity for agility that can be developed to help us not just survive, but thrive amidst the disruption.

This month’s guest is Henna Inam, author of Wired for Disruption: The Five Shifts in Agility to Lead in the Future of Work. Our conversation will explore what neuroscience research has revealed about how to cultivate our natural capacity for agility. We’ll talk about the five shifts in agility that will help us seize the opportunity to re-imagine and re-invent regardless of what disruption lies ahead. And we’ll talk about what steps to take now to position yourself to lead in the future of work.

The last 12 months have served as a reminder that while our employees may be out of sight, they can never be out of mind, and they must always be heard.

While employee engagement is about an individual’s commitment to doing the job they are paid for, employee experience is about the organization’s job to establish the conditions so great work is possible.

In this interactive session, Achievers’ David Bator will talk about the need for companies to consider a “Third Way” which incorporates balancing the needs of employees and managers to drive performance.

David will offer tactical, practical examples from customers on how to:

  • Get closer than ever to front-line employees
  • Empower managers to better give and receive feedback
  • Measure, manage and activate the employee experience in real-time

Make it easy to support, recognize and connect your people wherever and however they work.

As we move towards a post-pandemic world, organizations with an engaged workforce will be better prepared to maximize new opportunities. HR leaders can accelerate this transition by ensuring employees feel connected, recognized, and supported via seamless access to the tools they need to stay informed and feel appreciated whenever and wherever they work.

Join us for a live webinar with Reward Gateway on how to create an environment that can unleash a culture of connection, recognition, reward, and greater employee engagement.

You will learn how to:

  • Fortify your culture and values. How to use one platform to build alignment, break down silos and amplify communications.
  • Remove engagement roadblocks. How simple integrations power up employee engagement.
  • Create high impact. Explore how consolidating employee engagement tools exponentially increases usage and participation.
  • Measure what matters. Understand the metrics that reveal insights into how well your engagement efforts are working.

This webinar is ideal for organizations that already employ MS Teams, Outlook, Slack, Yammer, or other collaboration tools.


Sara Martin



Dr. Jacinta Jiménez

VP, Coach Innovation - BetterUp & Author - The Burnout Fix

Dr. Candice Schaefer

Global Head of Employee Wellness - Twitter

The challenges of the past year have taken a toll on everyone. Social isolation, feeling uncertain and unsafe, and constant change have resulted in what some are describing as a mental health crisis. Employees are anxious, depressed, and languishing.

While many employers have taken some small steps to provide support for employee mental health, to effectively meet this crisis will require bold action. In this panel, WELCOA CEO Sara Martin will lead a conversation with well-being experts to discuss how leading organizations are ramping up their efforts in support of employee mental health.


Jenna Filipkowski, Ph.D.

Sr. Engagement Strategist, Federal Reserve Bank of NY


Ben Hatch

People Analytics, LinkedIn

Dr. Elizabeth McCune

Director, Employee Listening, Microsoft

Whether it’s supporting employee wellbeing, mental health, engagement, or performance in a remote work environment, it’s impossible to succeed without truly listening to and understanding employee’s needs and challenges. One-off surveys and sporadic management conversations simply aren’t enough to create a great employee experience today. In this panel, you’ll learn from experts at leading organizations about practices and tools they are pioneering to listen and respond to employees in a more continuous and responsive way than ever before.

Craig Forman

Lead People Scientist

Culture Amp

In 2020, Culture Amp, in partnership with Thrive Global, produced a set of resilience resources for HR professionals as they navigated the COVID-19 pandemic and the resultant impacts of workplaces around the world. As part of those resources, we built an individual Wellbeing Checkup titled HR for HR, in which we asked HR and people leaders globally to reflect on how they were coping with the evolving crisis. In response to those questions, the checkup selected suitable strategies for dealing with the issues professionals were facing.

During this session, Culture Amp’s Lead People Scientist Craig Forman will present key findings from our HR for HR survey results, share some best practices on how to reimagine wellbeing in the workplace and how to embrace humanity at work.


Ed Frauenheim

Co-Founder - Teal Team


Rebecca Gallagher

VP, Internal Communications & Engagement, 2U

Patrick Cournoyer

Chief Evangelist, Peakon

Joanna Daly

VP, Compensation and Benefits, IBM

In all the discussion over how work and the workplace have changed in the past year, there’s one big question that often gets overlooked: How have people changed? Living through the events of the past year has changed employee attitudes about work. It’s also affected employees on a more personal and psychological level as well.

This panel will tackle shifting employee expectations around work. We will explore trends and dig into what the research can show us about how our employees may have changed and what implications that might have for work moving forward. This will include discussion about how organizations are adapting and responding to keep up with the ongoing changes.

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