Catherine Flavin

Catherine is founder and CEO of Whole Leader / LeaderMom. As a social scientist, she hones in on research-based practices that advance sustainable, inclusive success for high-performing leaders under pressure. Her work on gender equity and inclusion spans her career. With the goal of advancing exceptional achievement while having a life outside of work, she helps leaders shed beliefs, practices and habits that don't serve effectiveness, and then to identity and habituate behaviors that are more effective and even joy enhancing.

Attuned to a growing body of evidence that the most significant gender-related barriers to advancement at work seem to be motherhood penalties, Catherine assembled her "LeaderMom" panel. It's goal, like much of leadership development, was to take identify what works and how do we get more of that. The panel consists of high-performing senior female leaders who are also admired for the kind of parents they are. By asking these women what it is like to be them, what they have learned, and what enables their success, her team distills and disseminates what she calls hard-won wisdom. It turns out these lessons are teachable, and enable success at work and beyond. From that work came her LeaderMom Oasis that supports the development and joy of working mothers at all levels. They also do executive coaching for LeaderMoms because of the unique dynamics at that level, and advise managers on how to be more effective and less biased when it comes to working mothers.

In her over 25 years of experience in engagement, culture and leadership, Catherine has served clients in financial services (e.g., American Express, Alliance Data Systems, Citibank, HIG, Moody's, Goldman Sachs), pharma (Pfizer), private equity (Welsh Carson Anderson and Stowe and their portfolio companies, The Carlyle Group), media (ESPN), healthcare and medical devices (Brigham and Women's, Connecticut Children's Medical Center, Concentra, Rochester Regional Health, Biotelemetry), and hospitality/gaming (MGMRI), as well as political leadership (national campaigns) and non-profits/foundations.

Catherine's career started in politics at the Roper Center for Public Opinion Research and with a national, diversity-focused foundation, Everyday Democracy. Catherine holds a BA from Franklin & Marshall College, an MA in political science with distinction and completed advanced doctoral work (ABD) at the University of Connecticut. She is certified in multiple assessments (e.g., emotional intelligence EQ-i 2.0, Thrive 360), in positive psychology (CiPP), and led the design and development and validation of her firm's "Leading Whole" self-assessment. Catherine, her three children, and their two dogs, Tsuki and Nala, live and love in West Hartford, CT.