Larry O’Brien

Larry is a sought-after executive coach, facilitator and Diversity and Inclusion consultant. He has over 20 years’ experience working within corporations in various leadership roles where he has led global systems, process, training and culture change implementations.

Prior to founding Mendoza+O’Brien Leadership Development, Larry led the global leadership programs for Prudential Financial. In this role, he developed the leadership development strategy in order to align it with the company’s strategy, competencies and Diversity and Inclusion goals. Participants who attended these programs reported greater confidence with and commitment to becoming inclusive leaders. In addition, they expanded their network, developed their team to a greater extent and were promoted more often compared to their peers.

In his current role, Larry works with individuals, teams and organizations to improve diversity and inclusion, communication, and performance. He collaborates with leaders who are taking on new roles, new teams, or want to develop new performance-enhancing skills like inclusive leadership. He also works with new leaders who are transitioning from collaborator to team leader, or are leading a culture a change. As a Coach, he works with individuals who are considering new stages in their career or want to re-invent themselves.

Larry was born in Latin America and has lived in Argentina, Venezuela, and up and down the east coast of the U.S. He leverages his global upbringing, education and experience to help leaders create an inclusive environment in order to harness the full potential of their diverse teams. He considers himself “bi-cultural” because he was raised in both Latin America and the United States. This gives him a unique insight as a diversity and inclusion consultant since he experienced what it is like to be an outsider in new countries multiple times. In addition, he knows what it is like to be an insider growing up as a white male in predominantly white neighborhoods, schools and workplaces.

Larry has an undergraduate degree in Finance from The College of New Jersey, and a Masters in Human Resources Management from the University of North Florida. He delivers a weekly podcast and radio program called, “Leadership Lessons with Coach Larry”, on topics of leadership and diversity on inclusion.

Larry has worked in various industries as a consultant including Finance, Technology, Health Care, Manufacturing, and more. Some of his clients include: Prudential Financial, GE Aviation, Hydro One, CipherHealth, Whirlpool, Mayo Clinic, BoomTownROI, and more.